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TAT Limco is certified by the FAA and EASA and specializes in providing Test, Repair, Overhaul and Core Replacement of MRO services for most Commercial and Regional heat transfer components. Core Replacement services are supported by cores manufactured in our OEM division.

A partial list of OEM aircraft for which TAT Limco provides MRO services includes most Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell-Douglas, Fokker, SAAB, Bombardier, Embraer, ATR, Canadair aircraft.

Capabilities include:
1) Heat exchangers 6) Ozone converters
2) Precoolers            7) Water separators
3) Condensers          8) Evaporators
4) Reheaters             9) Plenum Assemblies
5) Oil coolers


  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger

    Air to Air Heat Exchanger

    TAT Limco provides a comprehensive solution, including design and manufacture of air-to-air heat exchangers.

    TAT Limco is a one-stop address for all your “Built-to-Spec” and “Built-to-Print” needs in this field. Whatever the application, TAT Limco is able to offer its customers an optimized technical solution at a competitive price.

  • Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger

    Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger

    TAT Limco specializes in developing and manufacturing fuel cooling solutions for commercial and military applications including:
    – Airborne / Land / Marine Radars
    – Electronic Warfare Systems
    – RF Generators / Transmitters

    Our advanced, submerged, fuel cooling components are developed, manufactured and assembled entirely at our facilities. In a major OEM contract for these units, TAT Limco’s reliability has shown to be more than 3 million hours MTBUR.


  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers

    Air to Air Heat Exchangers

    TAT Limco is a FAA/EASA/CAAC Repair Station for heat transfer equipment. Capabilities include maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) and Core Replacement of commercial aircraft heat exchangers, like the A320 unit pictured here.

    When a Heat Exchanger reaches the OEM CMM limitations for repair or overhaul, it becomes non-repairable and a candidate for scrap or BER. TAT Limco’s completed process offers another option; to cut off the existing ducts and manifolds of the non-repairable unit, and weld them onto a new core matrix. The Core Replacement unit now has mostly new material, becomes zero-timed, and carries an extended warranty.

  • Precoolers


    Precoolers are part of the bleed air system and take hot bleed air right off the engines. Whether the units are fin & plate, or tube configuration stainless steel or Inconel, TAT Limco has full capabilities.

    TAT Limco is vertically integrated to perform virtually all manufacturing and MRO in-house, with very little outside subcontracting. TAT Limco is the one-stop choice for your thermal transfer equipment requirements.

  • Ozone Converters

    Ozone Converters

    The TAT Limco process to thoroughly clean, flush and restore Ozone Converters/Catalytic Converters returns the units to + 98% efficiency.

    TAT Limco has full in-house capability in our Ozone Test Cell to test the ability of these units to filter out ozone.

  • Engine & APU Oil Coolers

    Engine & APU Oil Coolers

    The TAT Limco cleaning and flushing capabilities of oil coolers returns the units to their fully functional state. Dirt, debris, FOD and other contamination is removed, clearing oil passages to flow freely. Leaks are repaired and the units are returned to service without concern for removal again for long times following.

    After almost 75-years of R&D and continuing capabilities development, TAT Limco has a wide variety of core replacement capabilities for oil coolers. The completed unit now has mostly new material, becomes zero-timed, and carries an extended warranty.

  • Reheaters, Condensers

    Reheaters, Condensers

    As with all ECS and NGS system components, TAT Limco maintains full MRO and core replacement capabilities on Reheaters and Condensers.

    TAT Limco can offer tri certification for these units; FAA, EASA and CAAC, with no additional cost for CAAC.

    TAT Limco performs MRO or core replacement on thousands of Reheaters and Condensers annually.
    Let TAT Limco be your one-stop source for all your ECS and NGS components.